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Vent Alarm

Recently World Kinect Energy Service (Lykins Energy Solutions) has notified there customers that if they do not have a Vent Alarm on there oil tank by September 1st they will no longer fill there tank with fuel oil.

Below are two images of the most common Vent Alarm in our area;

Beckett 102420Beckett 12947


As the oil in an oil tank is used the void over the oil is filled with air so when the oil supplier comes to fill your tank the air is forced out of the tank through the vent causing a whistling noise. When the oil reaches the bottom of the whistle tube it will stop whistling letting the oil delivery driver know that your tank is full.

The vent alarm is crucial to a safe and accurate filling of a tank. Companies that deliver oil for heating usually have a policy- if they do not hear a whistle when they start to deliver oil, they will not complete the process. Once the nozzle is opened and the oil begins to flow, there should be an immediate resulting whistle.

When nothing is heard, the oil supply is quickly cut off. Although the lack of a whistle could be from a fault in the tank, or even around it, the delivery person will not be able to tell when the tank is full. Overfilling a tank could mean a hazardous oil spill on the property in question.